Pricing is one of the most difficult models to get right in business. Charging the correct prices for the correct value and ensuring sustainable profit is easier said than done.

Big businesses use complex formulas and spend massive budgets figuring out ways to squeeze the most profit from their products and services while still remaining competitive pricewise. Small businesses often charge based on their competitors and their own cost of business.

For freelancers, it’s a little different, especially when it comes to freelance writing. …

Writing good content is more than just being a good writer.

I’ve been a full-time content writer for the past two years. I’ve written for industry-leading publications like BiggerPockets and for the smallest of niche side projects. I’ve even dabbled in book writing over the past eight years despite never actually publishing a book (I will at some point though).

Through all of my efforts, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of published words, written many thousands of unpublished words, and have done pretty well for myself financially. I’ve also learned a ton about content writing, marketing, and promotion.

Many writers…

Getting into business these days has never been easier. All you need to create a business in the digital era is a decent computer and an internet connection.

But when you start selling whatever product or service you have to the world, you’ll need to select a specific type of “world”. After all, not everyone wants to buy what you have.

However, someone does. You just have to figure out what niche they’re in.

In this article, you’re going to learn the following:

  • What is a niche?
  • Why you need to choose a niche.
  • How to find, select, and begin…

I will start off by saying that I cannot speak for anyone else.

The ability to act on creativity is different for everyone. Some people thrive in difficult environments, some people don’t.

I’m the type of creative that needs to be in a Starbucks in order to truly craft and compose my best work.

I haven’t been to Starbucks in over a month.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m the CEO of a small real estate company in Asheville, North Carolina. I use the term CEO to make myself sound cooler, and its the truth, but really I’m just a simple real estate agent.


You may be curious about selling your home by yourself instead of hiring the services of a real estate agent.

Naturally, every homeowner wants to make the most amount of money possible from the sale of their property. I don’t blame you either.

After all, you’re the one whose been consistently paying off your mortgage and property taxes. You deserve every ounce of equity you can get!

While you may end up being able to successfully sell your home for more money on your own, it’s rare. …

Selling luxury real estate can be a real challenge. As I’ve said before, there are certain things that make selling a luxury home different compared to a normal home.

The biggest factor is marketing, but there are other elements at play.

This is the definitive guide to selling a luxury home, from the initial listing appointment to the day of closing.

The Listing Appointment

Entering the Home

I’m going to assume you have a prospect and have set the listing appointment.

I won’t go over how to get leads in this article, but you can check out my luxury real estate marketing essentials here, which might…

Real estate is changing.

While many real estate agents are still using business models that thrived before the dawn of the internet.

Those methods are becoming less and less effective while online marketing begins to take over.

In this article, we’ll discuss what is changing in the game of real estate, especially luxury sales, and how over the next decade, the shift will turn real estate into an online-based business.

Technology is Winning the Battle

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft.

The giants of our generation.

What do they all have in common?

They build sophisticated online platforms and powerful devices to utilize them.

They’ve built…

Matthew Myre

I’m an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and blogger sharing my learnings. Visit to sign up for “The Rundown” newsletter!

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